Siri Does Yoga……

I used Siri to help me sequence a yoga class….this is what Siri thought I said… “In downward facing dog look towards the hands exhale step the feet towards the hands hinge at the hips and fold forward inhale halfway lift and exhale fold in hell mountain pose exhale forward fold in hell halfway left… Read More

Self-Care Tip #1

Take one moment out of your day to relax, meditate, reflect, and recharge.  You’re mind, soul, and spirit will thank you.  

The Business Behind Bending

Behind every flexible & zen yoga instructor there is an employer that does all of the paperwork for them….or there is a busy ass instructor doing paperwork on her off hours of teaching (which she is not getting paid for).  Can you guess which one I am?  Huh?  Have your answer?  I’m about to blow… Read More


Hello Everyone!!!! Happy New Year!!! The updates to the site are done!!!  The site is ready for your lovely eyes to look over it!!!  I’m currently running a 20% off my Spring Bluff Nursery PunchCard until 2/1/16 (price has been already reduce, no promo code required).  I’m also offering (depending on the location) to anyone… Read More