Essentially Magical Products

I create and sell Apothecary Items as well as Crystals & Gemstones for Reiki Practitioners, Practicing Witches, and anyone that feels drawn to the products I make and sell. I am also a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils and I would love to show you how they can improve your life! I also sell E Gift Cards for my Yoga Punch Card, Private Yoga & Reiki Sessions, and for my Therapeutic Massage Sessions

The Witches After Hour

Apothecary Products, Crystals, and Tarot & Oracle Readings

I create Spell Kits, Sugar Scrubs, Spell Jars, Spray Bottles, Dropper Bottles, & Roller Bottles. I also sell Crystals and read Tarot & Oracle Cards.

doTERRA Essential Oil

Wellness Advocate

I am a wellness advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils. I would love to show you how essential oil can enhance your life!

E Gift Cards

E Gift Cards for Yoga Punch Cards, Private Yoga & Reiki Sessions, and Massage Therapy Session.

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