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Where Is Everything/Navigating The Website.

PunchPass is where you can find 360 Yoga & Massage’s complete yoga teaching schedule (Leah currently is at 11 places in the Dekalb and Kane County area).

Types of Yoga is where you can learn more about the different types of yoga that Leah teaches.

Class Rates & Registration: How to sign up for classes, How much the classes are, & the link to Leah’s Liability Waiver for various Locations.

Massage Therapy: To schedule an appointment with Leah, more information on Massage Therapy, and pricing and hours for Leah’s Home Studio & Nourishing Medicine.

Get Your Essential Oils Here:  Where you can shop and purpose your essential oils that can help you live the best life you can.  Essential oils can help with your mood, pain management, stress, and many other things that can keep you from living your best life.

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