The Yoga Feels & Siri Does Yoga

We all have these days of laziness, where all that we want/are going to do is lay in bed, sleep, or a combination of the two.  Even though these days happen now an again for normal people, but for people that have any medical conditions these days happen frequently.  And when these days happen nothing productive (for me personally).  Well Yogis and Non Yogi Readers I am having a day like this today…….and the best part is I have to be productive tonight and be a responsible adult.  I will let you know how that will go at a later day.  But……….Siri wanted to do yoga today……and this was Siri’s attempt at a Variation Sun Salutation A……

“In the hell halfway left exhale forward fold and he’ll mountain pose exhale forward fold and he’ll halfway left exhale chatter wrong in hell upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog.”  Siri tried their best…..

Have a great weekend everyone!!!  Namaste.

Leah (aka The Curvy Yogini)

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