I Choose…….?

On our journey through life we have different experiences. We find love, find loss, find success, and find failure. We have a lot of firsts along the way as well….first crush, first date, first love, first kiss, the first time you had sex with someone, being heart broken for the first time, first job, first fight….and many, many more. During the time a first happens we are usually really happy or really sad. In some cases those first moments can define your life path. They can define how you view yourself….how you think other people see you. And even though these experiences, these first moments come and go…the memory of that moment or experience will be forever burned into your mind. Even a decade later you will be able to recall that memory. You will be able to tell someone in vivid detail your experience around that memory. Where it took place, who you were with, what the weather was that day, and your exact feelings about what that moment consist of. And each time you retell that memory or experience it’s almost like you relive it, you experience something new that happened in the memory that wasn’t there before. For a good memory this is a great thing, but for a memory we want to forget it’s not such a good thing. So, how can we prepare ourselves for the not so good memories….the ones we can’t forget about? The truth is we can’t….they will happen regardless. The only way to deal with them is accept the fact that bad days/bad memories will be there and hopefully good amazing days & memories will follow. So, what would you do? Choose to accept life and all of its negativity and happiness or to hide from the world and continue at a hyper slow speed through life?
Thanks for reading yogis….stay beautiful, stay confident, & stay you <3

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The Curvy Yogini

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Hello there, your friendly Licensed Massage Therapist, Plus Size Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Practitioner. I write about the daily struggles of being plus size, the daily awesomeness of being plus size, my career journey of being a Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, and Reiki Practitioner, or just random facts about my daily life. I hope you enjoy in whatever capacity you want to enjoy this in. Namaste!

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