Find A New Perspective In Each Pose.

All humans have great weeks, eh weeks, bad weeks, and awful weeks.  Personally for myself it has been a difficult week.  Lots of problems with my health and I have been an emotional ride…it has been a very un zenful week.  But, of course being a yogi…I am looking at what can I take out of this difficult week or what are the good parts that I can take out of this week.
Good Parts of the Week
– I’m alive
– I have amazing doctors
– I have my dream job
– I’m lucky to have an amazing boyfriend
– I can practice yoga
– I got to see my amazing boyfriend
– I have an amazing group of friends
– I run my own buisness
– My mom is kickass
– Overall I’m a lucky woman

As I read over this list I feel guilty to even say that I had a bad week.  Becuase I am so lucky to have all of these things and people in my life.  But…is it bad that I still feel sad about my week?   Maybe?  I really don’t know.  Do I just need to process all the information that has been thrown at me?  Do I need to figure out how to fix everyone/everything?  Or most importantly do I need to figure out how to make myself happy first?  All these questions swarm in my head and as hard as I try to push them out they stay.  Let me tell you it’s really hard to cue my yoga students to calm and silence there mind, while mind is running around with thoughts.  So for this up coming week, I am going to personally try to find a new perspective in my life. And next post I will give you an update.
Untill next time.
See you on your mat!

The Curvy Yogini

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