Long time, let’s catch up!

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Hello Everyone,

I know, I know it’s been a while (insert song lyrics here) and for that I do apologize.  Life has been insanely busy, but I am loving every minute of it.  I recently (two months ago) accepted a job with a chiropractor up in Hinckley, IL!  The office is in an 1870’s Victorian Style house; it’s absolutely beautiful!  I also have been in a time of transition with some of my yoga teaching.  I have been teaching for about three years and felt stuck, so I am going through and mentally re committing to all of my classes and to my own yoga practice.  With this I think I will be able to find a different perspective in my own yoga practice.  I am allowing the next year as a transition year in my business and personal life as well.   I know all the changes, but I am happy to embrace and accept them as they come!  During the time of transitioning I have started writing for The Odyssey Online!  It’s something I decided to do just for me!  I will link the article below!

The Odyssey Online

I hope to see you on your yoga mats soon!

The Curvy Yogini or Leah 🙂

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