Grow Your Branches In Tree Pose

“Now we move into Tree Pose on the right, ground down through your left foot, feel rooted and stable like a tree…..once you feel good and stable inhale your right foot up off your mat.  Place your foot on your ankle, calf, or thigh….above or below the knee…..once you feel stable in your tree pose, grow your branches, and close your eyes.”  We all have our own comfort factors in life. Whether it is food, a favoirte piece of clothing, or a favorite activity.  Some comfort things are healthy and others are not healthy at all….but, regardless they are still are comfort things.  Comfort things make us feel better in any situation.  Just like in yoga.  Any Yogi or Yogini has a favorite yoga posture.  Mine currently is Supta Badha Konasana with my arms over head.  When ever I’m having a hard time in a posture i revert back to this.  It helps me recconect with my practice and helps me recconect with myself as well.  It feels like my yoga home to me.  So this week I want you to think about what is your favorite yoga pose?  What feels like home to you on your yoga mat?
And last, but not least…don’t forget to grow your branches in tree pose.
See you on your mat!
The Curvy Yogini

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