Exhale Supine Twist To The Left.

“Notice the changes on this side of the body….Even though biologically  we are the same on each side our muscles are not the same…So really breath into the openess or the tightness in each muscle of the body,” said all yoga teachers around the world/universe/a galaxy far far away.  But, it’s true….not all muscles are the same.  For example, my left hip flexer is tighter than the right hip flexer…..my shoulders are always super tight…for reasons I have no idea.  Maybe our muscles reflect how stressful or non stressful our lives are?  It’s a valid theory.  Or maybe it’s from lack of using the muscles (probably a more concert theory)?  Or maybe it’s from a completely unrelated reasons all together.  The human body always seens to amaze and confuse me at the same time.   With having Hashimoto’s Disease (auto-immune condition) my immune system killed off a relatively healthy organ.  My immunue system works great, but can’t figure out what is a harmful virus and what is a healthy organ.  So I guess that could be a reason that differrent yoga poses feel better in one persons body or better in an other persons.  Or maybe change can eventually happen in the body and in liking the different yoga poses better.  Or maybe I am just rambling on and on this week?  Maybe, yes…. I have had some major changes this week.  I went from working two places to working five places and having a six place in the works.  This is huge for me….having been let go of a place that in my honest opinion didn’t like me because I was plus size.  I thought that I had picked the wrong career, but than I did a 360 degree change on my perspective of what had happened.  And not even 3 months later I teach at five places.  I honestly didn’t think that this could or would happen.  So I encourage anyone who is reading this to take a sitution that is just god awful and look at it from a different angle.  Just like in yoga all angles in life and in the different yoga postures will be/feel/seem different…..So always remember to take supine twist to the left.

See you on your mat!

The Curvy Yogini

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