Yoga Date With Me, Myself, and I

Being alone is something that everyone experiences. Some people like it,  others hate it.  I tend to be one of those people that extremely enjoys being alone.  It’s nice, quiet, I can get some work done, de-stress, sleep, talk to my lovely boyfriend (we both work all the time,  are in school,  and he is the father of an adorable almost 9 great old…….so we’re both super busy and don’t see each other a lot), and I like not doing anything.  The different health issues I have takes a lot out of me…….. so it’s essential that I get time to myself.   I also like taking yoga classes by myself or with my yoga friend Sean…..but, it’s usually alone.   Am I a loner?  Do I hate people?  Maybe…..  Do I get stressed out with my friends, family,  and fellow yoga teachers being in classes practicing with me?  Yes!!!  The reason being… most of my friends and family don’t practice yoga.   So, during classes if I have either a family member or friend taking class with me, they usually stare at me the whole class because they do not know what to do.  This me amakes me really nervous and stressed out,  so I take class usually but myself.  I like the idea that I don’t have to impress anyone…. Because,  some days my practice sucks and I don’t want people to see how bad it can be.  Question for anyone reading this: Do you like being alone?
Until next week…. Stay confident, stay beautiful,  and stay you.
See you on your mats!

The Curvy Yogini

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Hello there, your friendly Licensed Massage Therapist, Plus Size Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Practitioner. I write about the daily struggles of being plus size, the daily awesomeness of being plus size, my career journey of being a Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, and Reiki Practitioner, or just random facts about my daily life. I hope you enjoy in whatever capacity you want to enjoy this in. Namaste!

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