Yoga, Warp Tour, & Hashimoto’s Disease

“When life gives you lemons……you make lemonade.”  This is a quote/phrase/saying that is said to smooth any rough patches that life wants to throw at us.  This is a very yoga type saying, it means try to find the good in all situations.  But, sometimes you can’t find any good in a situation and you’re filled with nerves and anxiety.  This is how I felt last weekend.  Last weekend I met my boyfriend of over a year’s kid at Warp Tour.  Which was nerve wracking, scary, and if the kid didn’t like me it would be the end of my relationship.  So with all of these factors in the back of my mind….let’s just say I was a ball of nerves.  Thankfully the kid liked me and my man was happier than ever.  So I think the day went well.   My yoga business has been booming!!! Making schedules, booking clients/places to teach at, and just the necessary paperwork that is required.  Also, the fact I am missing a thyroid and that I also have Hashimoto’s disease my body is in a constant state of war.  And lately the Hashimoto’s disease and lack of organ has been winning this fight.  And currently it is still winning, but I have blood testing that I have to go in for.  So, hopefully I will start feeling better soon.  Just like everyone else’a life, I have stressful moments.  But, I’m still brainstorming how to de stress those moment.  I’m hoping to start post a bit more during the week.  So, hopefully we will meet on the blog post in a few days.  But, until than stay beautiful, stay confident, and stay you. 

See you on your mat!

The Curvy Yogini

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