Finding My Zen In A World Of Stress.

“Learn to let go…That is the key to happiness. ”  Letting everything go is difficult.  We as human beings are constantly stressed out with something little or big or medium size.   Stressed does not discriminate.   The quote that I put at the beginning is a Buddha quote…… ironically it is the tattoo on my forearm.   But,  Buddha says to let all things go you will be happy.   So it’s that the key to my zenning?  Should I forget about things? Should I turn into a pushover and allow people to walk all over me?  Should I become a different person? Even though I love this quote, it makes me think about what it would be like to not have stress in my life.   So last post I said I was hunting for ways to de stress.   My findings are……. Maybe I work to much…… Maybe I’m not taking enough me time…..Maybe I’m not getting enough time with my man….. or it could be all of these or it could be none of these.   My hunt still continues….. Maybe I’ll try mediating for the answer during my taking of the yoga classes this weekend.  Or maybe it will just come to me.   But,  until then stay beautiful,  stay confident,  and stay you ♥

See you on your mat,


The Curvy Yogini

P.S the picture is my tattoo, Namaste Yogis♥

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Hello there, your friendly Licensed Massage Therapist, Plus Size Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Practitioner. I write about the daily struggles of being plus size, the daily awesomeness of being plus size, my career journey of being a Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, and Reiki Practitioner, or just random facts about my daily life. I hope you enjoy in whatever capacity you want to enjoy this in. Namaste!

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