A Supermoon, the month of February, & Fibromyalgia walk into a bar…….

Why does February and my fibromyalgia go together?

A much needed break…

When life kicks you in the ass....

Finding My Zen In A World Of Stress.

"Learn to let go...That is the key to happiness. "  Letting everything go is difficult.  We as human beings are constantly stressed out with something little or big or medium size.   Stressed does not discriminate.   The quote that I put at the beginning is a Buddha quote...... ironically it is the tattoo on my forearm.   … Continue reading Finding My Zen In A World Of Stress.

Restore Your Mind, Body, & Soul

When you (yes I am talking to you) think of yoga, what comes to your mind?  Workout, zent out, bending, relaxation, or another word?   People go to  yoga classes for different reasons, whether it be emotional, physical, or a combination of both.  Personally I got into yoga for strictly stress management.  I was just starting … Continue reading Restore Your Mind, Body, & Soul

Take A Seat In Sukhasana.

"Life moves to fast, if we don't stop to look around we might miss it."  I remember watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off when I was younger and thought....life doesn't move that fast....I can't wait to grow up....life will be better when I'm older.....If I could go back in time I would tell my younger self … Continue reading Take A Seat In Sukhasana.

Round Your Shoulders In Paschimottanasana.

There is a stigma in yoga that plus size, thicker, rounder people can't bend as well or in fact do yoga at all.  I know, I know any Yogi or Yogini reading this is going to automatically say, "That's crazy!  Why did you just state that?!?! Yoga is for everyone, why did you just say … Continue reading Round Your Shoulders In Paschimottanasana.

Lets Meet In Savasana.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.......The harder you fight for something the more it will mean to you....Fake it till you make it..."  These are phrases that are said to you when you're going through a rough time.  It could be from the loss of your dream job, a long term relationship ending, getting … Continue reading Lets Meet In Savasana.