Siri Does Yoga……

I used Siri to help me sequence a yoga class….this is what Siri thought I said…

“In downward facing dog look towards the hands exhale step the feet towards the hands hinge at the hips and fold forward inhale halfway lift and exhale fold in hell mountain pose exhale forward fold in hell halfway left axilla hands come down ground down through the left foot in hell of the right foot up for standing splits take a deep breath in and exhale drop the lifted foot down to the match keep that he’ll lift it is you been into the opposite legs me reach both arms up to the ceiling Crescent lunch deep breath then exhale warrior to inhale star pose exhale forward fold take a deep breath and exhale walk both hands over to the back foot and legPivot the other foot so all 10 toes are facing the back of the room lift up the back he’ll bend into the newly front to me unless the body up while reaching arms the ceiling for present lunch taking a deep breath in and exhaled our chasing dog nice deep inhale exhale overall the way down to the stomach and he’ll cobra press and left and exhale lower in HelpLink took the toes presents the mat with the body up and exhale downward facing dog repeat this using the same leg that you did on the side for standing splits warrior two and all that good stuff and then switching to the other side so you’ll make two complete circles. ”
Let’s just say I don’t think Siri is ready for yoga yet….

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